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Tomatoes are in!

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2010
  • OK- pictures to follow, but here is my first gamble of the season :)  I raised some tomato transplats ( from Gail ) in my cold frame and yesterday they went into the garden..... wow!  I am thinking just because I planted them, we will get a frost --- but who knows.  This year I am utilizing the 'water walls' that I bought to help protect these plants.  So I planted the tomas according to the 'trench' method. I cut all the leaves off except the very tip ... dug a shallow trench, laid down the plants, and covered with soil except the tiny tip sticking out of the ground.  The thought process is to cover the stalk with soil so that it becomes roots and it is close to the surface where it is warmer.  Anyhow, I did this and covered them in landscaper fabric AND my water wellls.  Updates as we survice the chillier nights! 

    Other update is I am planting round 2 of my beets, pok choi, bok choi, and lettuce in flats in my cold frame.  I have all of my cold weather guys out in the garden flourishing, and I am getting itchy for more, so until I can plant my summer veggies, more green leafs for me!

    Late April and still things to do

  • Monday, April 19, 2010
  • Here is a list of things I still have to do:
    • Add manure to several beds
    • Arrange beds with interesting structures to grow tomas and beans etc.
    • Set up topsy turvy strawberries and peppers (new this year)
    • Cover all aisles with straw
    • Plant heat loving plants
    • Clean up around pond
    • Clean up and cover rose bed areas
    • Clean up and till around pool
    So still a good list... note this does not include taking care of the garden!!!!!

    Going from 0 to 60 mph quickly!

  • So now that my dad got me 'garden ready', I have had the energy to really get going. Before I couldn't find 5 minutes to be in the garden - and now I can find 4 minutes, and do the work of 15 minutes! I guess I just felt too overwhelmed where to start - his jumpstart gave me confidence and determination!  So last week I :
    • transplanted beets (all 4 varieties)
    • transplanted perpetual spinach
    • transplated Romanesco
    • transplanted petunias
    • transplanted cabbage
    • transplanted Rose Orach
    • transplanted New Zealand Spinach
    • transplanted basil and Sun Berries and Beet Berries
    • planted ALL POTATOES
    • weeded pathways
    • covered all beds in black landscaper fabric
    • transplanted Bok Choy and Pok Choy and spinach (into cold frame)
    Ok- impressed? I am.  I just got into it and amazing what I could do in a short amount of time.  I did a good job of germinating my own seeds this year. I put them all in my cold frame and it worked so well since I didn't have to harden them off since they were 'born' outside!  Ok- I am so very tired...and still have so much to do...but had to update!

    Thinking of things to do

  • 2010 Garden Objective:


    How do you think that will work?!  I really need to use my smarts this year -- follow rules of thumb and repeatthings that have worked, and do it in 1/2 the time this year.  Hmmph...lets see if it works!

    It's Been Almost a Month!

  • Well about a week ago I hadn't done anything in the garden due to my demanding children and work schedule. I was getting kind of depressed because I wanted to be outside in the garden .... but just had too many other things to focus on. Well I am happy to report that my guardian angel dad came into town and totally got me ready for this growing season!  He is a rockstar and I love him to bits.  Here is what my dad did:
    • Fixed deer fencing
    • turned soil in all beds and covered with manure
    • picked up and stacked 25 bales of hay for my paths
    • built 3 beds
    • Got all of my potato bags ready
    • Added rabbit protection around entire garden
    • Planted my blueberry plants
    • Mulched raspberry plants
    I mean he is a true angel!  I needed this help badly and now I feel I am ready for the growing season.  THANKS DAD!

    Potatoes have arrived!

  • So I have truly lost it....I ordered $65.00 worth of potatoes this year.... I haven't spent $65 for potatoes ... ever!  Meaning I don't eat enough potatoes to warrant such a cost, what was I thinking? Oh well...I know have potatoes tucked in EVERYWHERE. I have 4 potato bags, 1 converted tomato bag, 2 cedar circles, one broken 'utility tub' now converted potato bin, and several other locations where tators are tucked away..... should be a fun ride!  Here are the varieties I got:

    Caribe- One of the earliest and prettiest potatoes you'll dig.  Deep purple skin with snow white flesh.  Can be quite large with good yields.  Good for boiling, baking and frying.  Lovely as a new potato.  Very early maturing. 

    Carola- The best yielding yellow-fleshed potato we have ever grown here in our central VA garden. Heavy yields of medium-size potatoes with a light beige skin.  They sunny yellow interior has a smooth creamy texture suitable for baking or frying. Mid season.

    Cranberry Red- Considered the best of the red-skinned red-fleshed varieties. Excellent for potato salad because of its low starch content.  Smooth texture and high yields.  Early to mid-season.

    Rose Finn Apple Fingerling- A favorite amont fingerling fans. Beautiful rose color with moderately dry yellow flesh. Reliable and high yielding.

    Russian Banana Fingerling- Rare heirloom potato. Savory finger sized yellow tubers are exquisite baked, boiled, or in salads. Heirloom gourmet variety first grown by early Russian settlers.  Crescent shaped tapered ends. Unsurpassed culinary quality.

    So here goes nothing!  Hope my neighbors like potatoes!