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Winter Garden UPDATE!

  • Friday, December 19, 2008
  • So I haven't written for ages and so much has happened - from my winter garden, my indoor garden, and my 'winter veggie challenge'- so much to talk about!

    A few updates are that I am now writing a column on local eating for the Blue Ridge Leader. Only two columns so far, but still- way cool!

    OK, updates:
    Winter Garden: So the frost and cold took over about a month ago and really killed everything back. I have the lettuce patch covered with a floating cover, and it is kinda keeping my turnips alive. My swiss chard looks very burned- even though I covered it with leaves. We get crazy strong winds at the house which keep everything nice and cold. The garden by the walkway in front is doing GREAT! I am still picking all the greens, and use them everyday for smoothies :) Actually the cold has helped since it has killed those green worms I was fighting before :)

    Inside Garden: Looking good! My peas are up and I already harvested lots of greens from it. All of my other seeds have sprouted but not produced anything yet. I usually garden in the bathroom while Broden is in the tub -- and even he loves eating the leaves!

    Mushrooms: I ended up growing the Shitake kit I bought for Luke and have lots of big Shitake's ready to harvest! What fun! Hard to keep them wet all the time, but very cool to see mushrooms growing.

    Winter Veggie Challenge: So I am still true to not buying any veggies this winter. I am actually having fun with all of the frozen veggies. A snap to prepare since I pre-cooked them all before I froze them. The only issue now is that the little freezer has so much stuff in it, I can't find all the veggies I need!

    Ok- gotta fly, but things are looking good!