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SPRING is in the air!

  • Thursday, March 18, 2010
  • We have had a whole week of 60+ degree days, my seedlings are coming up famously, my tatsoi is bolting, and we turned our clocks back- gardening season 2010, bring it on!!  Here is an update of what is brewing on my end:
    • I am stalking Southern State's daily (a store for farmer's, gardener's etc.).  I just stocked up on organic fertilizer, organic pest spray, granulated lime, seeds, more flats, and landscaper fabric.  I also had to just buy ONE FLAT of cabbage and collards, I couldn't help myself!
    • Just limed my garden today (3/18) and need to wait 3 weeks to apply general fertilizer.
    • Have (4) 72 flat trays growing seeds.  One has all beets, one has mostly herbs, one has veggies like cabbage, pok choi, sunberry, etc. another has lettuce and spinach.  They are all in my cold frame and are coming up famously.  Amazing how life can come from a little black ball.....
    • My tatsoi bolted in the cold frame so I keep them open all day/night.
    • Kale is growing is my spinach I planted in November.
    • Planted peas yesterday (St. Patty's day)
    • Am teaching a class on organic home gardening on 4/17 for the College Park Committee for a Better Environment
    • Am presenting on SFG at the Booz Allen Earth day
    • Rhubard and bleeding hearts are coming up, my early wonders!
    Now the things I need to do:
    • Pick up and spread manure
    • Buy and spread straw on my paths
    • Repair deer fencing
    • Put in chicken wire around outside to keep bunnies out
    • Fix the door into my garden
    • Move my strawberries into their own boxes
    • Get my potato boxes ready
    • Plant the blueberry bushes....if they live
    • Fertilize the garden
    • Put down landscaper fabric over all beds
    • Build supports for beans and tomatoes
    • Actually plant something! TO DO list is so long!  And now with two kids....this is gonna be alot harder.

    My garden objective(s) are:
    • To plant more things near the house that I use everyday (lettuce, spinach, etc.)
    • Plant more beans so I can have some good protein in the winter
    • Grow lots more tomatoes so I can preserve them
    • Preserve more cherries!