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What a year..... Mid Summer Update

  • Wednesday, July 21, 2010
  • Wow - I haven't written for awhile since life has been so crazy.  Between the garden, kids, work, the house....where does time go? Anyhow- I gotta update this year's 'garden good times' to remind me how each year is SO DIFFERENT.

    First the highlights:
    •  Landscaper fabric is working famously. It has been a very dry season and I feel like it is helping keep moisture in.
    • Early tomatoes! Everything is early this year!  I have been canning for the last two days!
    • Beans doing great
    • Amazing cabbage
    • Lots of garlic
    • Nice and 'clean garden'
    • News beds formed with sheet composting is working FAMOUSLY
    • Topsy turvy peppers and egglplants working GREAT, squash not so great, dries out too much
    • Most amazing BEETS!
    • So far new pumpkin patch looks good!
    • Growing basil on the porch in containers working great
    Garden Pitfalls:
    • Put in soaker hoses too late and they also split.....
    • BUGS......I will dedicate another post just to this.   All I can say is BLISTER BEETLES.
    • Because of bugs, lost alot of 'food'
    • Squash in topsy turvy dries out way too quickly
    • Too many squash?? Is that a problem?
    Pics of topsy turvy and bug story to follow!