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Updated photos - topsy turvy experiment

  • Sunday, July 25, 2010
  • So my topsy turvy experiment is in full swing.  I planted these hanging grow bags for a mix of veggies: eggplant, peppers, strawberries, butternut squash, and delicata squash.  At first I thought it was the best invention ever, then as the season progressed, I rethought this statement.  I am not at the end of the experiment- but I am in the middle.  Overall they dry out WAY TOO QUICKLY, even with watering every day.  The size of the plants are much smaller than in the garden due to the small soil space. With that said, I have had:
    • Wonderful strawberry harvest and love keeping these plants contained. When they send out runners I just put them in a new topsy turvy!
    • Eggplants are forming now and I am so excited. Due to bugs I never get eggplants, but this year I did, sans bugs!
    • Getting LOTS OF PEPPERS!  Like I said, plant size is smaller, but still getting a great harvest!
    • Squash's not doing so well......they dry out too quickly. I do have one butternut squash formed though!
    Eggplant and Holy Thai Basil
    4 Kinds of Hot Peppers

    Delicata squash 
    My first butternut squash!
    View of full butternut plant
    my first eggplant ever!
    another view of peppers