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Moving fast... quick updates

  • Tuesday, July 27, 2010
  • OK- so alot going on as I am leaving for a two week vacation and working hard to get the garden all shored up!  This past week I have:
    • Ripped out all the sunberry's
    • Cut back the swiss chard and continued battle with blister beetles (I HATE THEM!)
    • Took some of smaller potatoes and am attempting to have a second crop this year
    • Planted a second crop of beets, and carrots
    • Moved the 'melon' plant to the sunberry patch
    • Ripped out crappy soaker hose and strung a new one in the beds I just planted
    • cleaned up potatoes and onions and put them in my new storage bin
    I am taking  a risk on not watering my tomatoes and melons and beans.  Since my soaker hoses snapped, I am only going to water the super important things in my garden. I think the beans will be fine.......and the tomatoes ....I think they will be fine too!

    Anyhow- got alot done by cleaning up the beds, getting seeds in, and getting the soaker hoses ready.  Wonder what I will find when I return!