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Problems, problems, problems

  • Saturday, June 11, 2011
  • Oh goodness, so early in the season and there are issues ... Just another chance to paruse through my books and determine the best course of action/attack!
    1. So usually I have an issue with flea beetles on my egglplant, but this year I planted them in tabletop beds and completely solved that problem!  So that is good, not a problem.
    2. My Red Norland potatoes leaves are twisted and disfigured at the top.  Their bottom leaves are healthy and green and gorgeous.  For some reason the top leaves seems twisted.  I don't think it is the leaf roll virus as it doesn't fit the description.  Anyhow this is the only bed that has it.  There are two other beds adjacent and they are fine!  I just spoke to my garden mentor and she thinks that the issue is the pH.......and I did lime this bed this I will try some blood meal and see if that helps.
    Ok- for now that are all the actual problems I have, unless you say that not having enough room for all of my potatoes and tomatoes is a PROBLEM!

    My tomato staking approach
     A few things to note for the season:
    • Tart cherries are just about ready to pick
    • Almost all tomatoes are staked (check out my new system)
    • Tabletop gardens are working GREAT except they need EXTRA watering
    • Just picked up Aunt Molly's ground cherries and the Pineapple ground cherries from Gails, this is gonna be fun!
    • Garlic scapes are done
    • Pole beans are coming up
    • Saw my first cucumber and squash- they should be on my plate anyday now!
    My tabletop eggplant
    My new rhubarb patch
    My been teepees!


      Vikram Bisht said...

      The twisted leaves on Red Norland are due to injury by a group 4 herbicide,like 2,4-D or Dicamba. Often 2,4-D is used to enhance and maintain red color in Norland variety.