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Nothing to do?

  • Thursday, June 23, 2011
  • Now that the garden is fully mulched, all the spring crops are out and summer crops are all in, I truly feel like I don't have much to do!!!  Believe me, I am not complaining, but it just seems crazy to not feel behind the curve :)  I am going to enjoy this for the short time it lasts.   Once those tomatoes start coming in I will again feel behind!  Anyhow, it is nice to know all the preparation work I did, all the mulching, all the planning, is paying off through a gorgeous, happy, and healthy garden. 
    Last week I harvested my first cucumber and Broden said it was the MOST DELICIOUS cucumber EVER! Ha, ha.  A few updates:
    • I pulled ALL OF THE SQUASH PLANT voluteers that sprouted up in the garden.  I found like 20+ squash bugs breeding and that eeked me out enough to pull them all!
    • I have a few Delicata Squash plants under a row cover HOPING the bugs won't get to them. I am watching daily to see when the blossoms open.
    • I mulched the patio beds well to hopefully conserve some water.  Crazy how dry they get!
    • Picked and pitted 20 lbs of tart cherries.  Not the best, but at least I got something.
    • Bought a case of local raspberries and froze them for the winter.
    • Pulled the peas and am drying the pods that were left so I can use the seeds in the spring.
    So for now, garden bliss.  Just got the Territorial Winter Seed already dreaming/planning my fall garden!