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September Summary

  • Saturday, November 6, 2010
  • Again, this is all from memory  (which is not that good these days) since I was too busy to write!
    • Such a great month for harvest.  Bush beans (masai) I planted in July started producing -- awesome.
    • Sweet potatoes continued to look great and I continued to eat their leaves!
    • Endamame still growing, just beginning to flower, these need the longest season ever!
    • Planted fava beans too late.....never got anything, pulled plants
    • Pulled final potatoes.....not very happy with the grow bags
    • New Zealand spinach going crazy!
    • Found 3 Boston Marrow growing, but the stink bugs and cucumber beetles are all super attacking. Many vines are going limp, I was so bummed
    • Butternut squash grew in the craziest of places that I did not plant it - my cold frame and the fire pit! (since I didn't plant any this year it was welcomed surprise)
    • Peppers seem to be doing well, I made some hot pepper jelly and at least I loved it!
    • Raspberries and blackberries doing awesome- we have been picking yummy fruit all season!
    • Apples look great too!
    • Planted hanging planters with lettuce, and kale
    • Planted cabbage from Southern States in main garden