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Start of my garden journaling routine for 2011!

  • Sunday, May 22, 2011
  • So 1.5 months has past since I posted last, and MY how things have changed.  Honestly I spend so much effort in the spring to get the garden ready, that I almost feel like I want winter to come ... NOT!  Ok- but I have been super busy this year. I think the difference is that I taught ALOT of classes this season to try to inspire and ignite the home food gardening passion :) in people.  More on that later- back to my garden!  I also added 16 new beds to my garden, soo.....that probably has added the exhaustion I feel.  I think the reason I love keeping this garden journal is so I know how much gardening I am capable of!  I have to remind myself that I work full time, have Broden age 5, Skyla age 1.5, a house, a husband, and friends to spend time with.  So listen, if you are reading this, if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!

    So here we are, end of May, and I have been eating and gardening for a few months now!  Hot weather veggies went in around May 10th or so .... and today I shoved in the last few tomatoes that volunteered themselves, and I don't have the heart to compost them!  So here is the round up of what I have done UNTIL THIS POINT:

    In the kitchen garden (KG) I current have the following growing:
    • Bok choi
    • 2 beds of Egyptian walking onions
    • Okra
    • purple kale
    • golden beets
    • red beets
    • cilantro
    • parsley
    • cutting celery (a variety Gale is sweet)
    • asparagus
    • 3 types of eggplant
    • rattlesnake pole beans
    • cabbage
    • 4 types of lettuce
    • swiss chard
    • Suyo long cucumber
    • Mici cucumber
    • strawberries
    • dills
    • 2 types of peas (estancia and xxx)
    • New Zealand spinach
    • Curly blue kale
    • Calendula, marigolds, petunias
    • Assorted potatoes (in grow bags)
    • Artichokes
    • sunflowers
    • bush beans
    • lots of onions!
    • spinach
    So until the spring stuff starts bolting, things are abit full!

    In the pumpkin patch area, I am growing: (note the stink bugs loved the pumpkins so much I am not planting them this year.....)
    • Purple Viking figerling potatoes
    • Red russet potatoes
    • Rainbow tomato
    • Egg Yolk cherry tomato
    • Chocolate mint (from Julie's house!)
    In the 'main garden' I decided to plant things that I don't need to check on that often.  I find with little kids I just don't have time to go down to the garden (it isn't that far .... but every second counts!) So I growing:
    • (3) beds of potatoes, red norlands and a bunch of classic keepers ( German butterball, Katahdin, Green Mountain, Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank)
    • (3) beds of tomatoes: Juliets,  Mexico, Japanese Black Trifele, Kosovo, Opalka, Black Russian, Striped Roman, Green Zebra, Black Cherokee, Virginia Sweets, Black Icicle, Mr. Stripey, Black Sea Man, and a few others I will remember later!)
    • Drying beans- both pole and bush
    • (1) bed of garlic
    • (2) beds of Asparaugs.  Planted this year, 3- year roots
    • (1) large Rhubard bed (2 types)
    • (1) bed for bush delicata
    • Peppers - Thai Hot and Serrano
    • Strawberries
    • and some TBD squash

    Overall I am VERY happywith my main garden because last fall I composted all my healthy dead vegetation on all the beds, so to start teh winter they were all 3-4 ft high.  Then over the winter they fell abit, I added 6 inches of composted horse manure, laid down soaker hoses, AND covered with landscape fabric!  All this means, NO WEEDS, HAPPY PLANTS, and little maintenance for me :)  I also mulched all the aisles with straw and I just love the soft look of my garden.

    So can I say, that is it!  ha! 

    Other things of note:
    • New Zealand spinach reseeded itself, sweeet!
    • Heirloom petunias reseeded themselves, I then planted with tomatoes, in hanging baskets, and by the stairs to the house
    • Bought too many tomatoes at Gale's....
    • Not growing sweet potatoes unless I grow them from my sweets. I honestly don't eat the potatoes much, but LOVE the leaves!
    People who made this garden possible:
    • My dad, for building me the best kitchen garden EVER! And for reinforcing my deer fencing!  And for finding straw on teh side of the road for my paths!
    • A friend name Julie was wonderful to give me 7 bales of straw (albeit moldy) but perfect for my paths!
    • George, for providing me a massive amount of 'black gold' and dropping it off with his dumper truck, WHAT A LIFE SAVER!
    • My mom for planting flowers around the pond, great for pollinators, and for people who say I only grow vegetables!
    • Gale, for growing the best tomatoes and veggie transplants EVER!
    Ok, next post will have actual garden updates on a ROUTINE basis!