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Winter silence is over - welcome GARDEN 2011!

  • Monday, March 21, 2011
  • If I had pennies for every time I thought about writing, I would be rich!  Today I am finally on to kick off the 'spring wave' and start to garden 2011!  If this season will be like the rest of the world events (democracy demonstrations around world, earthquake and tsunami in Japan.....) then this is sure to be a challenge.Wow, it is going to be an amazing year.  I have 16 new beds just built, a new asparagus patch, and big plans!  I also know that the stink bugs, extreme heat and other evivonmental variables have plans for me too :)

    Here are some recent developments:
    • Placed all seed orders by mid January
    • Planted first seeds in cold frame on 2/20
    • got a heater for my cold frame in February
    • Early March my dad built 16 new beds, including a new kitchen garden!
    • Daffodils are up!  I just saw tulips come up too!
    • Very successful season teaching.  Featured on 11pm news, spoke at Master Gardener's meeting, featured in Loudoun Magazine, workshops sold out at Chicama Run, and presenting at the Loudoun Earth Day festival!
    • JUST uncovered my garlic so I can grow! Many were yellow and crumpled under the straw
    Things I need to do:
    • get manure
    • find straw source for paths
    • figure out how to fend animals from the kitchen garden
    I have more to write, but need to just get this posted :)